5 kor 2007

PHP develop

The PHP development team would like to announce the immediate availability of PHP 5.2.2 and availability of PHP 4.4.7. These releases are major stability and security enhancements of the 5.x and 4.4.x branches, and all users are strongly encouraged to upgrade to it as soon as possible. Further details about the PHP 5.2.2 release can be found in the release announcement for 5.2.2, the full list of changes is available in the ChangeLog for PHP 5. Details about the PHP 4.4.7 release can be found in the release announcement for 4.4.7, the full list of changes is available in the ChangeLog for PHP 4.

3 kor 2007

What is FOREX?

FOREX (FOReign EXchange market) is an international foreign exchange market, where money is sold and bought freely. In its present condition FOREX was launched in the 1970s, when free exchange rates were introduced, and only the participants of the market determine the price of one currency against the other proceeding from supply and demand.

As far as the freedom from any external control and free competition are concerned, FOREX is a perfect market. It is also the biggest liquid financial market. According to various assessments, money masses in the market constitute from 1 to 1.5 trillion US dollars a day. (It is impossible to determine an absolutely exact number because trading is not centralized on an exchange.) Transactions are conducted all over the world via telecommunications 24 hours a day from 00:00 GMT on Monday to 10:00 pm GMT on Friday. Practically in every time zone (that is, in Frankfurt-on-Main, London, New York, Tokyo, Hong Kong, etc.) there are dealers who will quote currencies.
FOREX is a more objective market, because if some of its participants would like to change prices, for some manipulative purpose, they would have to operate with tens of billions dollars. That is why any influence by a single participants in the market is practically out of the question. The superior liquidity allows the traders to open and/or close positions within a few seconds. The time of keeping a position is arbitrary and has no limits: from several seconds to many years. It depends only on your trading strategies. Although the daily fluctuations of currencies are rather insignificant, you may use the credit lines, that are accessible even to currency speculators with small capitals ($ 1,000 - 5,000), where the profit may be impressive.

2 kor 2007


Complete the sudoku by filling in the grid with the digits 1 through 9 such that every row, column, and 3x3 box contains exactly one of each digit. You place digits in the sudoku grid by moving the mouse over a cell and typing the digit.

Sudoku is a logic based number placement game that was invented in the US, then popularized in Japan before spreading to the rest of the world. Many newspapers now include a daily sudoku puzzle.
Play Sudoku Now

28 qer 2007


Hattrick is the world’s greatest and most popular online football manager game.
And it’s completely free!
In Hattrick, you run your own football team and compete against 991 914 human users from all over the world. All you need is a web browser. Matches are played in real time a couple of times a week. You can log on at any time to check the status of your team, issue training orders, trade players - or just hang out with other Hattrick users.

26 qer 2007

Free The Bulgarian Medics in Libya

I do not understand. Why would anyone think anyone would purposely infect anyone with AIDS.... especially kids? Come on! No one would do that. And then you are trying to tell me NURSES would do something like that??? Why?? What would be the purpose??? I just don't get it. This is ridiculous.

We pray for your children, we know what means to look how your child dies.But don't blame the Bulgаrian nurses and the Palestinian doctor.The real guilty(your government)throw dust in yours eyes, just to can they be the best in your eyes.
God bless all the infectious children!
Free for Bulgarians and Palestinian Medics.

25 qer 2007


About The Game:
Samurai are not born, they are created. Train to hone your body and skill to perfection. Fight to protect your allies and crush your enemies. Honor and live by the tradition and the Bushido. Build an empire and gain the respect of your peers. Do you have the courage, cunning and stamina to answer the call? You Could Become The Samurai of Legend!